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Leisure and activities

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The Texas MV Holiday Resort offers you a relaxing stay and a variety of on-site activities, as well as the opportunity for various day trips in the region. Explore the expansive meadows and fields through hiking, discover the unique beauty of the nearby Viezer Heide, or take a leisurely bike ride on the Sakralbauten-Radweg.

For those seeking more intense sports activities during their vacation, Texas offers a range of exciting options. From beach volleyball and horseback riding on-site and off-road to the trendy sport of "Arrow-Tag" or stand-up paddleboarding, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Ferienresort TexasMV | our Campsite
Ferienresort TexasMV | Holidays | Vacation | Adventure | Recreation
Ferienresort TexasMV | Holidays | Vacation | Adventure | Recreation
Ferienresort TexasMV | Holidays | Vacation | Adventure | Recreation

Horseback riding

Experience the natural surroundings of the holiday resort on a leisurely horseback ride with our riding horses. Even our younger guests have the opportunity to gain their first experiences in handling horses through pony riding.


Enjoy the natural and peaceful environment of Texas while practicing archery and experience the synergy of body, mind, and bow. For beginners in this sport, our fixed targets are especially suitable for practicing in a relaxed manner and testing your own skills. Advanced archers can challenge themselves with more demanding 3D animal targets.

Availability and prices upon request


Beach volleyball is the ultimate sport, especially in sunny temperatures. For our active guests, we have two in-house, well-maintained outdoor courts available free of charge around the clock.

As a highlight, our Texas Beach Volleyball Tournament takes place annually in August. It is open to amateur teams and recreational groups from the region, as well as our vacation guests.

Bike rental

From the holiday resort, you can explore the peaceful and natural surroundings on the numerous cycling routes in the region. At Texas, you have the option to rent bicycles for a small fee. Equipped with bicycle maps and informational material, you can embark on an exploration of the nearby area.


Around Texas, you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Landscape on numerous paved hiking trails, passing through idyllic forests, meadows, and rivers. A hike to the nearby "Viezer Heide" is always worth it.

Whether you prefer a sporty hike through small villages or forests over long distances, or a leisurely stroll through the "Viezer Heide" landscape followed by a picnic, there is a suitable route here for every preference.


Arrow Tag, the newest trend sport, has now found its place in Texas. Combining archery, paintball, and dodgeball, Arrow Tag requires teamwork, speed, and strategy.
It's not a problem if you've never held a bow before.
The game is played on an outdoor field with various obstacles and cover options. Equipped with a bow, protective mask, and padded arrows, you can show off your talent like Robin Hood.


Minigolf is the ideal activity for families, groups, and teams of all ages. It's a sport that can be enjoyed well into old age and can be learned in just a few minutes, so the fun starts from the very first hole. At our 13-hole minigolf course, you'll experience a unique minigolf adventure with plenty of fun in a tranquil and rustic setting. Prepare for some action as there are some challenging holes that await you!


Boccia is the Italian variant of the game of Boule, where the objective is to get your own balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball (Pallino) or to knock the opponent's balls away from the Pallino. Boccia is considered a precision sport. The game promotes movement and at the same time trains coordination skills. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Paddle Boat & Stand Up Paddle

With the pedal boat or stand-up paddleboard, you can float on the water and explore our surroundings in a different way.

The Playground

At the playground, there are two slides with swings as well as seating areas for you and your loved ones.

Massages and cosmetics

Hi, my name is Angi, and in my dream profession as a beautician, my goal is to support and enhance every individual with the best quality of my craftsmanship. After completing my training, I had the opportunity to further educate and develop myself in various companies. Recently, I returned to my hometown to fulfill my dream of having my own business. Therefore, I am very excited to collaborate with the Texas MV Holiday Resort. Relax and unwind with a soothing massage, cosmetic treatment, or other attractive offerings.